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Are you in the market for a professional landscaping contractor who can transform your yard or garden? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Cutbuddies Lawncare is a Austell GA based landscaper who can take care of your landscaping needs. For over 10 years, we have been more than helpful to the folks in the area – by providing them with impeccable lawn care and landscaping solutions.

Cutbuddies Lawncare
1258 Summerstone Trce Austell, GA 30168
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Beautiful lawn and house.Although Cutbuddies Lawncare performs many landscaping services in Austell GA, there are more high quality services which you can benefit from. For example, the lawn maintenance service delivered by our renowned company come second to none on the market. We always make an extra effort, because we know that our clients deserve only the highest quality!

We often advise folks against hiring amateurs or freelancers, because their lack of professional knowledge and experience can cause very bad results. Since most of them do not know exactly what to do, they will end up over fertilizing your ground, and poisoning the plants there. If your lawn has been a victim of such negligence, do not hesitate in contacting us – we will be more than happy to help you and your yard! Our landscaping services are offered at affordable prices – do not delay the quality service you need! Contact us now!

by Richard Johnson on Cutbuddies Lawncare

My garden was in horrible condition. As much as my wife tried to revive several bushes and flowers, she couldn't. Cutbuddies Lawncare came, and made everything... Read more reviews

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  • – yard and garden inspection and evaluation
  • – complex lawn care service
  • – shrub services
  • – pine soil installation
  • – flower and shrub planting
  • – and much more!